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Shih-Tzu, Toy Poodle, Yorkie, Pomeranian, Westie, Havanesse, Bichon, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Schnauzers  (all breeds  should weigh under 15 pounds for this estimated price)



Cocker Spaniel, Sheltie, Scottie, Wire Fox Terrier,westie (or any of the above breeds that are over 15 pounds)$75 to $90
Golden Retriever,  Lab (shavedown), Austrailian Shepard, Boarder Collie $85 to $100
Soft Coated Wheaten, Giant/Standard Schnauzer, Chow, 
Standard Poodle and doodle mix type dog  
Old English Sheep Dog, St. Bernard, Afghan Hound, Huskys 

Prices are all inclusive and include a blueberry facial scrub, shampoo and conditioning rinse specifically chosen for you pets skin and coat needs, 10 minute massage, ears cleaned, fluff drying, nails clipped and smoothed (if tolerated) Haircut of your choice, breath spritz, finishing spray and bows or a bandanna !

Prices may vary depending on the pets breed, overdue conditions, matting, behavior, Special st​yles etc.

Kitty cat services available starting at $100. Please contact for more details and pricing estimates! 

Please keep in mind these prices are ESTIMATES ONLY based on pets that are groomed regularly (every 4-8 weeks) Pets that are aggressive, hard to control, or are not on a regular grooming schedule will be charged accordingly as with dogs who are matted or extra dirty. Also There will be flea bath and cleaning fee of $15 for pets with fleas.

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